Five-channel sound-video installation │3’ 29″│4’ 20″│4’ 59″│1’ 36″│11′ 38″│video│color│stereo│ loop │ 2007


“Utopia is nowhere (outopia) and it is also somewhere good (eutopia). To live in the world that cannot be but where one fervently whishes to be: that is literal essence of utopia. To this extend utopia does share the quality of a dream.”

Krishan Kumar, Utopianism

Youtopia was created in 2007 during artist in residency in England.  The title is a word play alluding to the concerns of this project – Utopia and The Other. Artists used the real situation of being in Milton Keynes, artificially built town with a tendency of “a better life to all”, as a background in order to deal with identity theme. Yugoslavia as once constructed state appears as a counter in this journey. Introducing a motive of The Other, identity is artistically questioned in the context of leaving and seeking for Utopian place.

Youtopia is an interdisciplinary project and five channel video installation, which narrative is built by combination of documentary materials and played elements. The observer is put in engaged position and asked to create her/his own story by choosing images or sounds. The film illusion is being transmitted into performance.


Camera: Doplgenger
Image editing: Doplgenger
Sound editing: Doplgenger

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