Students’ City Cultural Center, Belgrade
November – December 2017

Videodrom is an educational program designed in a form of seminars for film/visual and new-media artists and the general audience. Through various activities, such are the lectures, screenings, workshops and talks, Videodrom aims to examine the status of film art, new media art and audio-visual practices in the changed technological environment just as their relation to the social conditions of production, distribution and reception. Videodrom as a long-term cultural and educational program aims to generate a field of permanent self-education of a film, visual and new media creators and audiences in our region, just as to incite the professional networking of national and international artists.

First year edition of the Videodrome project dealt with the amateur approach to the film knowledge and the amateur as a figure of potentiality. Second year deals with the releation between activism and moving images.

Educational program Videodrom is curated by Doplgenger, organized by Transimage platform and supported by the Ministry of culture and Information of Serbia and “Students’ City” Cultural Centre in Belgrade.