Fragments untitled #1


Video│ DV PAL (4:3) │ 6′ 50″ │ color │ stereo │ 2012

Is it true, as W. Benjamin claims, that the masses always desire cancellation of private property but get the fascism in return?

The famous speech of Slobodan Milošević, which took place at Kosovo on June 28th 1989, was performed in front of the thousands of people. The National television was streaming it. This event, as known as “happening of the people”, is embodied in the image and the speech of Milošević. History regards it as a presage of the collapse of Yugoslavia and the bloodshed of the Yugoslav Wars.

Fragments untitled #1 vivisects media footage and TV stream of the 1989 event in order to denote the invisible and deconstruct the memory.

Image editing: Doplgenger
Sound editing: Doplgenger

Distributor: imai (inter media art institute),  Collectif Jeune Cinéma

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