Fragments untitled #6


Video│ DV PAL (4:3) │ 6’00″ │ color │ stereo │ 2022

The two best football teams of Yugoslavia met at the Maksimir Stadium in Zagreb on May 13, 1990. The match was never played.

Fragments untitled #6 vivisects media footage of the event. The film is part of Fragments untitled ongoing serial of works through which Doplgenger researches the politics of media images that participated in creating the historical narratives of Yugoslavia in the period of 1980-2000., especially media images that performed the pretext to the Yugoslav Wars and the breakup of Yugoslavia. Fragments untitled is based on the private archives of citizens who recorded the TV schemes in the 90s. At the same time these are the images that refer to contemporaneity.

Image editing: Doplgenger
Sound editing: Doplgenger