Fragments untitled #7


Two-channel sound-video installation β”‚2’ 47β€³β”‚2’ 06β€³β”‚ video β”‚ color β”‚ stereoβ”‚ loop β”‚ 2022

Fragments untitled #7 deals with juxtaposing representations of public space in moments of social and political change when that space opens, breaks, intersects and folds. The work uses the material from the archives of the Center for Cultural Decontamination and the television archives.

The Fragments untitled project deals with the politics of media images that participated in the construction of historical narratives in the former Yugoslavia in the period from 1980 to 2000. The Fragments untitled are based on private archives of citizens who recorded TV schemes in the 1990s. The works in the series re-create the context of media content, but now they emphasize what was previously invisible and suppressed, what remained marginalized in the media flow or was considered ephemeral. Through this series of works, Doplgenger at the present time analyzes and deconstructs sets of images and sounds of the past, juxtaposes and actualizes them. At the same time, these images of the past correspond to the present.