Fragments untitled #0


Installation ‚Ēā Frame, Projection, Text on Wall, Printed Text ‚Ēā 2011


Fragments untitled is an ongoing serial of works that researches the politics of media images that participated in creating the historical narratives of Yugoslavia in the period of 1980-2000.

Installation Fragments untitled #0 as the first project of Fragments untitled ongoing project serial tends to deconstruct the popular representation of Gazimestan 1989 Рevent which is regarded as a presage of the collapse of Yugoslavia and the bloodshed of the Yugoslav Wars. The notions of history, memory and responsibility are being questioned in the format of an installation.

The piece stresses the urgency of deconstructing official historical narratives. Since the framing is impossible and the content due to it its nature constantly evades so the document cannot be fully grasped, historical responsibility lies in the very process of re-questioning and not in the answer or the conclusion itself.

Installation is followed by printed text Jana Kubota wonders around prompting…

“The artist duo¬†Doplgenger¬†(Isidora Ilińá and BoŇ°ko Prostran) from Serbia are exhibiting the work ‚ÄúFragments Untitled #0‚ÄĚ, the theme of which is history, responsibility and collective memory. The work shows an empty picture frame and the projection of an archive photograph of the crowd listening to the speech of Slobodan MiloŇ°evińá in Gazimestan in 1989, which represented a turning point in the history of the Balkans. Doplgenger deconstructs this event by cutting out the speaker and adding a quote by James Joyce. The work prompts us to ask about the blanks in written history, about authors, facts and personal memories. It is important to the artists to give the beholder a maximum amount of freedom for associative and subjective thought. Nevertheless, they also question themselves or, one might say, the responsibility of the artist as such, by presenting a text written by a fictitious curator together with the work.”

From the catalog of KulturKontakt Austria The Artist in Residence Programme