Multimedia performance │Live performance, Mocumentary video (22′), Live video transmission │40’│2008


Mirage is interdisciplinary ongoing project dealing with themes of media manipulation, stereotypes, identity, communication. Research is developed through theoretical and practical phase while the work  appropriates strategies of conceptual art, performance art and film. While phenomenon of media image performs and is being performed, it points to elements of its constitution – seduction of recipient and constructiveness of performing act/performer’s identity.

Mirage_inter is continuation in artistic research of intercultural dialog in context of EU. Conceptual starting point was Pirandello’s “Six Characters in Search of an Author”. Doplgenger chose 5 participants by an open call. Each participant has contributed to creation of project during two months of online theoretical preparation and communication. After two-week of practical work undertaken in Belgrade, this multimedia performance was presented to the public.

Participating artists (alphabetical): Helen Cerina (Italy), Olivia Crang (Australia), Jugoslav Hadžić (Serbia), Antje Hilderbrandt (Germany), Igor Lušić (Croatia), Ana Marković (Serbia), Ambra Pittoni (Italy), Brina Stinehelfer (USA).

Project was supported by Secretariat for Culture of the City of Belgrade and Students’ City Cultural Center (Belgrade, Serbia) where the project was realised and presented.