Multimedia performanceĀ ā”‚Live performance, Mocumentary video (22ā€²), Live video transmission ā”‚45ā€™ā”‚2006


Mirage_intro is the first Mirage issue that Doplgenger realisedĀ with Serbian and French artists during 2006. Mirage _intro presents two pilot phases done with the support of French group Autour de Peter. Work was based around the themes of Serbian and French historical friendship and alliance, confrontation ofĀ similarities and differences in cultural heritage. Structure’s frame was established around the main motifs from traditional tales – Serbian ā€œZlatna Jabuka i devet paunicaā€ and French ā€œLes pommes d’orā€ – through which artists triedĀ to question the processes of creating the cultural stereotypes.

Work was divided into two parts – the first preparation and presentation was done at in Students’ City Cultural Center in Belgrade; theĀ second phase was realised and presented in both in Association Ciel Ouvert and Centre Intermondes, France.

Participating artists (alphabetical): Priscilia Boussiquet (FR), Jadranka Bugarski (SRB), Francois Delime (FR), Celine Girardeau (FR), Jugoslav Hadžić (SRB), Jovan Ljubenović (SRB), Maja Medić (SRB), Jelena Radenović (SRB), Amandine Roy (FR), Ana Popović (FR), Miljan Prljeta (SRB), Mathieu Vigier (FR).

Mirage_intro was supported by Students’ City Cultural Center (Belgrade, Serbia), Association Ciel Ouvert (La Brousse, France) and Centre Intermondes (La Rochelle, France).